Welcome to All Things Southern…

…where being southern is a way of life. It’s about taking the scenic route, making time for others, and not taking a single day for granted. It’s also about enjoying the outdoors and all of the great adventures that come along the way. 

All Things Southern was created in search of having a platform of activities and events that likeminded souls could search and interact with all in once place. I am excited to connect people and businesses together as well as promote a lifestyle that I love. 

There are so many great places to see and events to experience. We hope you will find something here that will inspire you to get out and enjoy life and take your mind to a place of wheat fields in the summer, hiking in the woods, adventurous outdoor events, or the simplicity of watching a sunset on your front porch.

Meet Alex!

She is the founder of All Things Southern. With a background in Wedding and Event Planning, she created ATS to highlight the southern vibe she loves most! She is the social coordinator for all the events held and the writer behind the blog. Her goal for ATS is to make this a lifestyle brand and draw attention to Rustic Trends, Music, Events and Southern Hospitality.

Her first country concert was Alan Jackson with her mom, brother and grandma where she sat in the second row!

Meet Emma!

She assists with our social media for All Things Southern. She is very outgoing, loves to try new things, and has a love for the beach!

Emma’s favorite country music concert she has ever attended was Luke Bryan.

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