Slow it Down

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Rustic Trends

As we all know, life can change quickly. Sometimes we see things coming and sometimes we don’t. If you can take the time to find peace within yourself in all things that you do and choose then that is the first step to creating your core self.

Exploring gives meaning to the word independence. It allows you to make a decision and choose a place that you truly want to experience. Visit family, go camping, and get out of your comfort zone. Taking time to breathe the fresh air as you choose is exhilarating. Enjoy the moment. Meet new people and start saying yes to more adventures; you never know what door might open for you.

A Southern interest I like to take part in is writing letters. It is something that I like to do to give me some “me” time and connect with people in a different form of communication. Writing can teach us patience, which allows your brain to slow down and breath as well. Writing can consist of all different forms. Writing letters, journaling, creating mood boards and scrapbooks etc. are all great examples of the art of writing. 

When you take time for yourself to think about your goals and focus on the choices you are making, you are healing. So take a walk, pick some flowers, read a book, and calm your mind. Grab the inspiration form your surroundings and make time to set the goals or tasks needed to fulfill your soul.


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