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Sometimes you don’t expect the doors to open wide when you take a chance at something you love. That is just what Sarah Johnson did. With her single Red Bandana out on September 4th and her Debut EP coming out September 18th ; she is looking in that rear view knowing all her hard work and dreams are about to be reality.

A rare picture of drafted notes from Sarah documenting her single Volcano


As more of a city girl herself, Dallas has her heart. A lot of growth came to her when she chose to plant her roots back where she knows!

After a phone call with Beau Bedford, the connection was real and the music was flowing. An American Genre artist showcasing her life of 70 songs to a well renowned producer gave her more courage then she could have imagined. With six songs making it on the EP, a team of artists themselves collected and put together greatness. “It’s not everyday that you get your dream producer as a first time go around” Johnson says. She feels very fortunate to be apart of an amazing Dallas community.

Little did she know while her family provided herself and two sisters with the upmost creative home environment, that the outcome would lead her to the big stage. Her dream sparked at a young age while putting together silly songs out of daily activities and inspirations. A sister trio like no other; performing at their moms’ birthday party and in front of loved ones at church will always bring back special memories.

Sarah Johnson- by Jon King

Branching out as an individual, her first performance was at her senior year talent show. Singing an original piece, her nerves were high but her voice shined through. Showcasing her love for songwriting, Johnson stole the stage.

Attending The University of Texas as a broadcast journalist major, Johnson never thought she would be on the music journey she is today. Interning with a media company right out of college, and a dream of having her own talk show looked promising. They say if you want to hear god laugh, tell him about your plans. Faith has always been a constant in Johnson’s life and Christian based songs sparked her engagement of singing. Her faith has given her the joy and strength that is released in her songwriting. 

Acknowledging her faith, an opportunity aroused. Ten years strong, a mother – daughter duo traveling to different engagements offering words of encouragement and positive messages through painting and artistic developments. As a young role model herself, Johnson spent time using her gift of helping and uplifting young women. Sarah Johnson is kind, considerate and talented. While developing such a wonderful life; her story is relatable and her music career is just taking off.

What do you enjoy most about singing?

Putting others before herself, “I’ve been given a gift that other people can enjoy”.  Johnson is grateful to have experienced the audience at times, and says hearing stories and being present in the ambiance makes singing something special.

If you were to describe your sound to us in four words, what would it be?

“Honest, Catchy, Relatable and Just Good Jams!”

“I want people to relate honesty to my music” Johnson states. Johnson’s authentic self shows on this album and she just wants to enjoy the moment and journey.

If you could choose one place to perform in the world, where would it be and why?

ACL – answers Johnson. Austin City Limits holds a special place in her heart. Visiting and attending concerts, Johnson has always imagined herself performing there. What was once a hidden thought, might just take a check off her bucket list.

Tell us what a day in the life of you Looks like.

“Balance!” Between launching her music career and business, Johnson strives to balance it all. Starting her day reading scriptures keeps her on track with keeping up her relationships between friends, family, faith and music.

To a young artist out there reading this, what advice would you give them as a singer/ songwriter?

“Write!! Write your heart out. Get the good and the bad out. One line can come from anything”.

“Keep taking steps forward- they will always lead somewhere, “ says Johnson.

Where can we find you celebrating at on album release day?

Well, I’ve always wanted a tattoo, so who knows, maybe in a tattoo parlor” Johnson laughs.Respecting social distancing guidelines, Sol House in Dallas will be hosting the gathering.

Your EP album is coming out Sep 18th, called “Volcano”. It’s a six-song record produced by Beau Bedford…. Can you tell us how you two connected and your journey as an artist to make it to where you are now? 

“He respected where I was coming from. He also has a background in playing in churches and we both just really enjoy the story process.”

Knowing how blessed she was and frustrated for a need of forward motion. She wanted to sing and took a step to get over that mental hump. 

Is there anyone that has been a light to you in your journey?

With God keeping her grounded, Johnson says she “feels secure and loved no matter what she does or accomplish”. She says that it’s nice to feel her friends, family and her whole music team really cheering for her.

What are you looking forward to most, after this milestone of your career?

“Singing live! Finding safe ways to do that. Interacting with people, hearing other stories”. After adjusting to 2020 life, Johnson is excited to get back out there.

Single “Red Bandana” comes out September 4th and EP “Volcano” comes out September 18th

Setting sail out of Whitefish, Montana (where Red Bandana is being filmed) Johnson opens up her diary to the world. Having fun writing in her teenage binder which was an anchor for inspiration, Sarah Johnson evolved to the singer songwriter she is today. Her single “Volcano” is a symbol of how she has erupted and made herself the confident female artist she is.

Johnson’s answers in a game of this or that

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