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The perfect heartfelt song of the summer

Self evolving and expecting to follow a predicted path that you have loved for so long can seem somewhat safe.  But finding a stronger love for something and altering your world to pursue it is exciting. Dropping everything and moving to Nashville in 2016, that is just what Morgan Johnston did. Growing up in the show industry with both of her parents as dog trainers from Cape Cod Massachusetts; Morgan’s love for animals especially horses developed. As grateful as she was to pursue her degree from the University of Findley Ohio to be a professional horse trainer, there was a fork in the road that she sensed was her calling. Her music career began as a hobby when she would sing the National Anthem at the shows traveling with her dad. As compliments came from true friends, Morgan was passionate to start her music chapter. She understood that “everything in life is a balance and success comes from happiness”. Her love for music is undeniable and it shows in her new single called “Just in Case”

“I swear I didn’t mean to keep the note you wrote
The week that I was here and you were back at home
But I found it in a book when I was cleaning out my place
And I kept it just in case”

Knowing this song was special for a long time, Morgan felt it was time to release it.  A lot of heart and effort went into this single and even though she knew it was good, she is beyond excited to know it’s the most requested song of hers..

Just In Case takes the emotion of heartfelt situations and puts them flat on the table letting you know that it’s not easy to get over people that impact your life. I think everyone can connect to high school or a breakup… better yet, both at the same time! The lyrics “You might want back my love for you someday, is about having trouble holding on to physical things and subconsciously not getting rid of them.” I’m never gonna wear that hat from Myrtle beach, that you would turn around when you were kissin’ me. Young love and memories go hand in hand and “Just in Case” is the perfect heartfelt song of the summer!

Making connections to inspire her move to Nashville, Morgan is thankful for every opportunity and the people who have impacted her! When asked about where her inspiration comes from, Morgan laughed and said “Life is my inspiration”. The core features that a person is blessed to recognize in themselves is what lights a fire for her music. She doesn’t try to be too mechanical and enjoys the slow down process. Her dad said a quote that is a constant reminder to her, “Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, your right”. It’s easy to believe you can’t, but it’s the confidence and believing in yourself that keep one going. “There has always been an entertainer in me. I was so confident with just enough bravery to dip my toe in the water. I continuously grew after people encouraged me”. The best compliment Morgan has received is that people believe her when she sings. Her sound is complementary to her songwriting and it’s a soothing presence she gives that truly takes you to the scene of what she’s singing.

Getting off topic one to many times talking about life, Morgan is an instant best friend and her sweet soul gravitates to make you smile. Her love for horses is constant in her life as she teaches riding lessons to children and is also a nanny. Her kindness is delivered unknowingly and she “hopes she is perceived as genuine and approachable to others”. The love of human connection that song writing brings her is upbeat and joyful and she is having a lot of fun writing and creating from all of her experiences.

Sippin’ tequila pineapple, while enjoying the magic of Nashville, Morgan is excited for this upcoming year. In addition to her playing Whiskey Jams and Writers Round, you can expect some more music coming out from her following this single! Finding peace, exploring the open land, Morgan keeps the importance of spending time with family and friends, taking it all in and enjoying the moment.

Click here to check out Just in Case!

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