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What used to be a drive over a beautiful skyline to Key Biscayne Island has re-routed to the massively popular Miami landmark, The Hard Rock Stadium. The Hard Rock Stadium is the host for the Miami Open Tennis Tournament now for the 3rd year in a row. With the cancellation of the event entirely last year, I think everyone is excited to experience the Open here if they haven’t already! This upcoming year, the Open will take place March 22nd – April 4th 2021.

Tickets and Packages

The Miami Open is a two week long tennis tournament. Brackets are set up based on the ranking for each player. Men and Women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles play consistently throughout. Players follow a daily schedule which is given out to all spectators based on weather and injuries. Top Players from all over the world fly in to play at this tournament, allowing spectators a chance to see, meet and even walk with them. From general admission to Luxury Seating, there are ticket options for all interests.

The setup exhibits a perimeter of out side courts in which players come and go all day and night for their matches. The hard rock stadium holds the championship match along with other “well known” matches through out the tournament.  While your not walking around to the different courts, you can rendezvous at some of sponsored event areas. You will find seating accommodations and different engaging activities. Many bars are spaced out on the grounds, which serve adult beverages. Since most of the stadium matches sell out quickly and might be limited, you can most likely catch it on the large screen projection centrally located outside the stadium itself.

Miami oepn Tennis Courts positioned outside of the HArdrock Stadium
The aerial view of the outside courts and setting at the Hard Rock Stadium for the Miami Open. Credit: Miami Open Website

A fun fact if attending the tournament is that the players will walk right through the crowd to get from court to court. There is no underground tunnel to hide them. Some of the most well known players can be playing or walking 10 feet in front of you. And you never know, always keep a lookout for celebrity sightings! They love tennis to!  An entrance ticket allows you the basic sightseeing while a ticket with a seat grants you into the assigned stadium courts.

What to Expect

Having been to the Miami Open myself, a few things to expect to experience are:

  • Good food by some of the most exciting and well-known chefs and restaurants in Miami.

  • Fashion, Art and Culture; all three create such a wide range of colorful and vibrant sight that make each day or night exciting to be there!

  • Music! Setting the vibe, you can expect to hear uplifting local DJ’s shaping their style for all enjoyment on the tournament grounds.

With two weeks of Florida Sunshine, good food, delicious drinks and fun entertainment, who would want to miss this! Plan your mother- daughter trips, guy’s nights, business gatherings, and even date nights. A trip to the Miami Open will always be a time to remember.

The main website hosts all of the FAQ’s based on updated information and related questions. Click below to see.

Miami Open

 Location: 347 Don Shula Dr. Miami Gardens, Florida 33056

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