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“A cut off tee with holes in your jeans, your probably still overdressed”

There is something indescribable about knowing when you’re talking to real people. You can’t explain it but it’s the feeling of security and honesty when you’re listening to them. Kristen Kelly’s all around performance of her accomplishments speaks volumes about her work ethic. With a slight southern dip in her voice, the first words she said to me were “Hey, we just had to pull over so I’m standing in a parking lot”. Laughing to myself, I understood how fun and approachable the conversation was going to go! The realness of her is gravitating and there is a presence of candor mixed with confidence that makes you feel like you already know her! She delivers a rowdy attitude in her songs which pairs with her down to earth and relatable lyrics; especially in Rich Folk$. Her newest single which is included in Part 1 of her Something Worth Saying project.

Rich Folk$ relatively feels like you are smack dab in the scene of what the lyrics describe. I think it is such a raw feeling to connect with a song and she has made that happen. The lyrics “ You don’t have to have a whole lot of money to feel rich as hell” was something she elaborated on. Running through Texas, stopping by the local dive bars, “I met some of the best people and got to share that part of our lives together” says Kelly.

She says, “ No Champagne, no fruit in the drinks, no money no problems at all. Just come on in, y’all were all friends at this poor man’s hole in the wall.” You can have a good time anywhere with the right people. It’s the simple southern life that she captured. Rich Folk$ is about good old fashion fun and always looking at the glass half full no matter the situation.

From Lorena Texas, Kelly received a Commercial Music Degree from McLennan Community College. Knowing the challenges the industry has, her degree opened up the opportunity to a variety of different careers in such a changing environment. Born with music in her bones, a passion that evolved after her high school graduation and was planted in her by her grandfather who had a band named Sterling Kelly & The Hearts.

As many of us have grown from experiences in our life, Kelly has as well. “I try to lead with love in all of my actions. To be present and aware and to be a vessel for what the good lord has in store for me”. She’s passionate in everything she does and what she encounters. Living in Nashville, Kelly describes her style as a little bit “swampy”. I’m more of a lyricist,” says Kelly. Growing up writing poetry was meaningful to her in processing things in her life. She “feels a pull towards words” which then magnifies through her music

When asked about any milestones she has gone though or how she deals with them, Kelly answered with “ If you haven’t been through some bad shit, then you can’t appreciate the good shit.”  Kelly devotes her time to raising awareness for survivors of sexual abuse. Having a strong female presence in the music industry allows Kelly to vocalize and demonstrate empowerment through not only her writing but as an advocate to others. Staying true to herself strengthens her and she lives each day choosing who she is becoming, rather than letting her past define her. Spending time outdoors, taking in the quiet and having a lot of time to reflect, creates a peace within her.

Kelly is in the process of building her brand Something Worth Saying, which is a platform that consists of a podcast and a songwriter’s night held in Nashville once a month. It blends societies to sit down and share their truth. “So many people have Something Worth Saying.” As a woman of many talents, she reminds others to stop and listen and celebrate the diversity of truth that everyone is surrounded by! Kelly effortlessly channels a part of her childhood while subjecting others to take a step back and look at what’s really important and who actually makes you feel rich in your life.

Keep an eye out for Something Worth Saying Part 2 coming soon and the Video for Rich Folk$.

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