A Touch of Cozy

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Rustic Trends

They say your home is where your heart is. Your Home can bring such a positive mood to you and your family when needed. A few things I like to keep in mind when cozying up your home is ….

Lighting can really bring out the calmness in a space. I like to use all soft yellow bulbs in my home because it transitions a room to a very dim and cozy feeling while you are in it or if you are entering it. I love lamps! I think the smaller the better. I love lots of random lamps turned on instead of overhead lighting if possible!

Fresh flowers are a true staple to creating happiness and people will feel cheery while in your home. Indoor plants scattered around windowsills and in odd particular places will leave guests feeling welcomed. Even if you go out into your yard and pull some amazing different stems or greenery out of the bushes or foliage; just a little touch is all it takes.

Fresh baked cookies coming out of the oven or even orange jasmine tea simmering on the stovetop can leave very happy memories when anyone thinks of your home and presence. The smell alone of something cooking on the stovetop or oven brings people together.

Soft melodies give background noise instead of the TV being on. You can still focus on tasks around you but not with complete silence. Music stimulates the brain and can reduce anxiety and improve your mood. If you have an old record player, dust it off once in a while!

Having a Southern home means sharing the stories your home creates. It should be tidy but not clean. Also, give people a small job when they come into the house, they will feel needed and it breaks the ice! Let your kids sit on the kitchen counter (shoes off) and tell you about their day. Let the chaos of laughter and the smell of coffee brighten up your morning. Time is precious and your home is also.


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