A Southern Retreat

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Outdoor Activities, Southern Hospitality

Bray Plantation inn with an array of trees in front

As you pull up the elongated oak lined driveway with a straight path of wooden fence enclosing the pastures, remotely ahead is a picturesque Inn with plantation shutters and romantic stone siding. Bray Island Plantation is one of the most loved outdoor and sporting communities in the Country!

Located near the coast of South Carolina is a Southern retreat worth visiting. Nearby cities to include in your trip are Beaufort SC, Charleston SC, and Savanna GA. All a short drive away!

The Inn has 13 comfortable rooms for the owners and guests in addition to a full service dining room where farm to table meals are served. Not only does the Plantation provide exceptional indoor dining, but don’t think you won’t experience a low country oyster roast after a long day of adventure!

Activities include hunting (quail, deer and more), skeet shooting, golf, horseback riding, fly-fishing in the Port Royal Sound and all sorts of recreational activities! You will find that the resort provides all rental items for each activity desired.

As you enter onto the plantion

After a day of quail hunting or a nice long bike ride to enjoy the scenery and tranquility, relax back at the inn in front of the warm fireplace and enjoy the night laughing and telling stories.

As the sun sets into an apricot colored sky and the moss hangs over the mature oaks, you won’t want to miss what this southern retreat has to offer. From social events to gatherings, see for yourself how Brays Island Plantation experiences the outdoors. 

Bray Island Plantation


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